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Using the Internet Safely

Personal safety

  • Never tell anyone you meet on the Internet your home address or your telephone number.
  • Never tell anyone you meet on the Internet your school’s name or phone number, unless your teacher specifically gives you permission.
  • Never send anyone your picture, credit card or bank details.
  • Never give your password to anyone – even a best friend.
  • Never arrange by email to meet anyone you don’t know in person.
  • Never respond to nasty, suggestive or rude emails.
  • Always tell a member of staff in charge if you see bad language or distasteful pictures while you are online.
  • Always be yourself and do not pretend to be anyone or anything you are not.
  • Always remember if someone makes you an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Always delete attachments from strangers without opening them; they may contain viruses that can damage your machine.
  • Never open an email if you are suspicious of its source or content – and report these to a member of staff.
  • Never click on links in emails unless you are certain they are safe (hover over the link to see what it really connects to)

Please note:

Email access only applies to Secondary students. Privacy of electronic mail (email) is guaranteed.  However, those who administer the system on behalf of the education service have access to all mail messages and have the right under legislation to investigate any user activities where suspicious use of the system is identified.


Glow is Scotland’s nationally available digital environment and can support learning across the whole curriculum. Glow is not just one place or platform, instead it offers a username and password that gives access to a number of different web services.

Funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Education Scotland, Glow provides a safe, online environment for educators, learners and parents to communicate and collaborate using services such as Glow Blogs, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Glow RM Unify Launch Pad and Glow Meet.