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School and Community Links

Lochnell School, its resources and activities provide a focal point for the community.  The involvement of parents and other members of the community in school activities is valued.

Parents are kept informed of school activities by a newsletter and are always welcome to call at the school for further information and/or to arrange to see the Head Teacher.

We are delighted with our Lochnell Pre-5 Nursery.  This has improved transition and liaison.  However, we are careful to maintain links with the other pre-5 groups in the area so improving the move into P1 for as many of the little ones as possible.

Liaison with other Lorn Primary schools is healthy and we look forward to further developments.

Lochnell School has strong links with Oban High and this makes the transition from P7 to S1 very much more comfortable for our pupils and their parents.

We very much appreciate the support offered to the school and its activities by parents/carers and the community – this support contributes hugely to the life of the school.