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School Uniform

The Education Committee recommended at its meeting of 21 August 1997 that – ‘the adoption of a distinctive dress code chosen to enhance the ethos of the school should be encouraged in all schools’.  Given that there is substantial parental and public approval of uniform, schools in Argyll and Bute are free to encourage the wearing of school uniform.

In Lochnell Primary and Nursery, the suggested uniform is as follows:

We encourage the wearing of the school or nursery sweatshirt and almost all children wear it.

Sweatshirts / Poloshirts can be ordered at:

PE Kit

T-shirt and gym shoes in a bag with pupil’s name

Please note that school uniform is not compulsory and it is not policy to insist on pupils wearing uniform or having specialist items of clothing in order to engage in all of the activities of the curriculum.  As such, pupils will not be deprived of any educational benefit as a result of not wearing uniform.

However, there are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:

  • potentially encourage faction (such as football colours);
  • could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans);
  • could cause health and safety difficulties (such as loose fitting clothing, dangling earrings);
  • are made from a flammable material, for example shell suits in practical classes;
  • could cause damage to flooring;
  • carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco; and
  • could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so.

All clothing brought to school should be labelled or marked in some way, as it is difficult for children to distinguish their own clothing from others.